Download Instructions

MENDEL can be downloaded here ( You must specify whether you want the Linux or Windows version. If “Downloading” appears on the screen but the download does not appear to be proceeding – click “this direct link” which is shown in blue. Once downloaded, carefully follow the instructions for installation. The Windows version is ready to use once it is installed. However, the Linux version cannot be used until five supporting programs have been downloaded (Apache Web Server, Gnuplot, Perl, Torque Resource Manager, and MPICH2). Because it is more difficult to make the Linux version operational, we will be happy to assist potential users in this process. To make it easier for potential users to evaluate Mendel, we are setting up several locations where Mendel can be operated by approved users on one of our own computer clusters via remote internet access. In this case no downloading or installation is required – all that is needed is a password (request one here).

Download the user manual here.
Download the Linux How-to here.